Rise: Easter

Pastor Pete Hartwig

Sermon Notes

Easter Sermon 2018


READ: Matthew


SLIDE:  Resurrection Sunday


He has risen!  Risen indeed!


Christmas – Easter


Not church goers!

May not know the story!  Find ourselves?


SLIDE:  Jesus Christ


Jesus of Nazareth


Jesus = God Saves (God delivers)



Christ = King / Messiah.  MAGI!




OT prophets.  David’s throne


SLIDE:  Herod, Pilate, Religious Leaders

Herod   Ruthless power

Pontius Pilate   Whatever way the wind blows (Spineless)

Religious Leaders.  Hated each other.



SLIDE:  Passover  


Huge population

Jewish Feast

The deliverance of Israel (God and Moses)


Passover =  Celebrating The Blood of the Lamb

Friday March 30 Saturday April 7


Triumphal entry       Hosanna   (save us!).


Riding a donkey (peace)


All the city was stirred


Herod, Pilate, Religious leaders


The enemy of my enemy is my friend.






SLIDE:  The Cross. Excruciating


Trial + the cross = crufiction



SLIDE:  Hebrews 12:2   SHAME


Peter denied him.  Cursed him.  Looked at each other.

Judas sold him out for $

Triumphal Entery!  Hero to Zero in one day.

Lost to Barabbas –  a complete hoodlum and criminal

Jesus = a political pawn: Herod and Pontius Pilate became friends

3 groups of religious leaders come together to kill him!

SHAME:  naked.  It said something about you!

Perverseness to the torture.

King of the Jews.  3 languages.

You saved others. Save yourself.

The cross is his throne and Thorns his crown



My God My God why?


SLIDE: 2 Corinthians 5:21  (he became sin)


God turned away as well!

Total unit was not stretched to its limit


SLIDE:  Matthew 16:21. Jesus predicted this


This was the plan.  Don’t be freaked out.


SLIDE:  Jesus is Dead.



Tell Pontius Pilate and Herod (common killing)

Tell satan that sin wins.

Tell brutality it has won

Tell torture and perversion it wins.

Tell the power brokers.  Power wins

Tell Judas the silver was a good idea

Tell peter cursing Jesus a timely choice



SLIDE:  Matthew 28:1. Two Mary’s


at the bench!

Mary of Migdall (other mary)


Who are they?


Mary of Migdall

(other Mary)


Mary and Mary on a bench.

Came to look at the tomb.  (spices)

SLIDE:  Matthew 28:5-6 “Just as he said”

Do you Remember?

SLIDE:  Matthew 28:8-9

He is not here!

Just as he said!

Roman soldiers


Marketing problem!!  Pilate and Herod.

No fireworks!

2 women court of law

SLIDE: Matthew 28:8-9

Clasped his FEET!  Nail prints

If he can do the raised to life thing.  He can do anything.

When he said he could cleanse me from sin.  He can.

When he said he could transform my life.

SLIDE:  Romans 5:8

Still sinning!

Christ died for us!


3756 Miles  My Son



Accept Christ!



Accept Christ Tear OFF