We believe we were all born for community, and we’re convinced the best way to grow together is with a life group committed to Biblically Based, Relationally Driven, Spirit-Led growth together. We have groups who gather in every corner of our community, day and night, young and old, men and women, couples and singles, kid-free and kid-friendly. Life groups are a great way to grow with us, and you can use the link below to let us know what kind of group could work for you. Complete the form and we’ll be in touch to talk through some options and help you get connected.


At City Church, we’re excited to grow with you!

Life Groups at City Church exist to gather our community around the good news of Jesus Christ for the life that is truly life, transforming our city as we follow Jesus and serve others. 

Following Jesus is about relationships, not religion.

We gather all over the city, all through the week, all for the purpose of growing together as we follow Jesus and serve others.  

What are Life Groups?

Our groups typically range in size from 6-16 people meeting together for 16 weeks seasons. We supply group leaders with resources to lead their groups for the good life as they follow Jesus, grow together, and serve others.