Life In The Spirit: Holy Spirit, 7/22/2018

Peter Hartwig

Sermon Notes

Life in the Spirit Sermon

July 22 2018


(1) Review the series thus far:


(2) The Disciples Never Get It Until Pentecost


(3) What gets in the way: Rumors & misconceptions

1)    The Holy Spirit’s got no personality

2)    The Holy Spirit doesn’t work here anymore

3)    The Holy Spirit hurts/ hazes people

4)    The Holy Spirit isn’t interested in me


How you introduce people…


(4) How Jesus introduces the Spirit:

-John 14.15-17

-If you love me… commands

-If you’re at the place where you love Jesus and you want to do well…


-The one who is called alongside

-The Holy Spirit has helped Jesus in his life…


-“Allos” means another of the same kind

-He’s going to ask the father… a personal favor


How might I introduce the Spirit?


-Prayer as a sign of openness